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" How wonderful to see Paul, your presenter in this DVD, exploring the fruit farms, and inviting us to get real and in touch with the foods that nourish our bodies. Paul goes on to create some wonderfully tasty recipes based on his love of living foods. His enthusiastic nature draws you in and causes you to want to be a part of this living foods revolution. I expecially loved the interviews with long-term raw foodists, they really gave a glimmer of what the future could hold for all of us, if we just loved ourselves enough. This DVD is fun, friendly, down-to-earth and inspiring. I'm recommending it to all my customers. "

- Shazzie, Raw Fairy Queen Goddess,


"Raw, vibrant, organic food is the very sustenance of life and the foundation for a healthy body. Paul is absolutely masterful in creating exciting, scintillating and mouth-watering dishes that make your palate sing and your cells celebrate!"

- Brandon Bays, author The Journey


" The DVD was wonderful!! I especially enjoyed the interviews. They explained the advantage of a raw food lifestyle with such simplicity that it could be understood by everyone. The recipes are tasty and nutritious, and are simple enough for even a beginner to make."

- Vickie Fisher ( )


" A dynamic, creative, and inspiring presentation at the cutting edge of raw food preparation by one of the leading experts in the field."

- Sapoty Brook, B.Sc. B.Eng. M.Sc. Author of Eco-eating


" I just wanted to let you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dvd and book! I have not tried any of the recipes yet but they all look great! If everyone knew how easy it was to make almond milk and how great it tastes, I think cow milk sales would go way down.

Your no cooking style is wonderfull. I hope you keep up the good work and keep spreading the word. You should have a show here in america. I am sure everyone would watch. My 14 year old even started eating raw after watching your show. She loved the avocado! Thankyou so much! " Marina, SC, USA


"So much info, you make it so easy and all the food looks so vibrant and delicious. The friend who was watching with me was so inspired she raced off and made an almond milk with frozen bananas etc smoothie on the spot. It works!" Suzanne Dean, Australia


"A very timely effort. And a very much needed one in todays society where junk food is at a premium. I commend you Paul and wish you every success."

- Dr John L Fielder, Osteopath & Lifestyle Consultant


"...very entertaining as well as informative... you make it look so easy & fun" S.Swan, Australia

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" Got really inspired to become more healthy when I saw your DVD last night. It's great! " Anneli, Australia


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